FAN Standing Committee

The Standing Committee is the Forum Alpbach Network’s main organizing body during the European Forum Alpbach. Each year, another Club/IG takes over this task. Volunteers from this Club/IG work the whole year to coordinate the FAN program at the European Forum Alpbach, which consists of more than 100 events including panel discussions, fire side talks, hikes, sport events, pub quiz and many more. The Standing Committee also brings in its own ideas to enrich the program even further. 

To find out more about our ideas and visions, have a look at our program overview, which will be updated regularly:


Also have a look at our calendar and the further events for a better overview!



In 2018 the Club Alpbach Salzburg ( acts as FAN Standing Committee and is represented by Agnes Hamberger, Anna Puhr,Laura Köglberger, Lisa Ecker-Eckhofen, Manuel Mühlburger, Markus Fuchsberger, Michael Essl and Tobias Neugebauer. We are looking forward to fulfill our ideas and concepts for the program 2018 such as including locals from Alpbach or embrace again the gender topic. If you have questions or want to share any thoughts with us, please contact us via


About us:


Agnes Hamberger

Come see me…

…for advice on where to go in Alpbach.

…for information on the European Parliament and the European Elections 2019.

…if in need of someone to celebrate life’s absurdity with.


Anna Puhr

Come see me for…

…sharing your moment of the day on our social media channels!

…finding out more background information about our project „Give Alpbach a Face“ and exchanging your experience or ideas to connect with locals.

…getting a non-coffee energy kick by a nice cup of green tea – especially in the morning after one of our parties in Inneralpbach!


Lisa Ecker-Eckhofen

Come see me for…

…the International Evening Madness: Questions, problems and ideas concerning our big opening event are well placed with me.

…extraordinary things to do in Alpbach: Voguing Dance or Drag King Workshop and tips for the best Yoga Spot and morning hike.  

…a good talk about anything that lies heavy on your heart!


Manuel Mühlburger

Come see me for…

…any organisational problems and ideas or propositions for the official EFA App.

…any ideas on improving the scholarship holders experience at the Forum.

…joining the quest to recover the golden pineapple!


Markus Fuchsberger

Come see me for…

…help with organising your event, be it a fireside talk or a hike to the Gratlspitz!

…an overview of what is happening at #efa18 as well as outside of it.

…your daily dose of philosophical wisdom (or nonsense, depending on your viewpoint)!


Michael Eßl

Come see me for…

…help with the app and calendar or if you want to get out important news to the people at the forum.

…daily weather forecast, hiking and paragliding recommendations.

…numerical simulations of bonfires, daily nerd talk and you wanna know what the “Krautinger” is made out of.


Tobias Neugebauer

Come see me…

…for giving me your feedback on what you liked or didn’t like at this year’s European Forum Alpbach

…if you want to be part of next year’s Standing Committee

…for having a drink or two, but I’ll force you to have a Krautinger.