FAN Committee

The FAN Committee is the Forum Alpbach Network’s main organizing body during the European Forum Alpbach. Each year, another Club/IG takes over this task. Volunteers from this Club/IG work the whole year to coordinate the FAN program at the European Forum Alpbach, which consists of more than 100 events including panel discussions, fire side talks, hikes, sport events, pub quiz and many more. The FAN Committee also brings in its own ideas to enrich the program even further.

In 2019, Club Alpbach Südtirol Alto Adige ( and Club Alpbach London ( are joining forces to act as FAN Committee – represented by Toni Widmann, Lynne Sakr, Vincent Straub, Julia Sandrini, Peter Klager, Valentin Wiesner, Flora Böwing and Luis Widmann. We are very much looking forward to making our ideas reality and providing you with inspiring and fun events at the Forum in Summer 2019. If you have questions or want to share any thoughts with us, please contact us via

About us:

Toni Widmann

Toni is this year’s Standing Committee co-chair and chief cultural officer, representing Club Alpbach Südtirol Alto Adige.
All thanks to his Hollywood Movie star looks, you ask? Actually Toni is great at making his biggest passions his full time job: he did so by becoming a composer and musician based in Vienna – and now team member of the Standing Committee! No wonder the first mission he went on after arriving in Alpbach for the first time was finding a piano – and as everything has a twist in Alpbach he ended up behind the organ of the local church. It didn’t take long for him to gather other musicians among the scholarship holders and ending up co-organizing EFAs very first scholarship concert. This year he’ll continue to enrich EFA with diverse cultural events and musical highlights. So if you have any ideas or questions on the SC art&music program – let him know! He’s also the man to approach for gardening tips, chats on Homers Odyssey – and of course any time you feel like spending quality time with the likes of Ryan Gosling.

Lynne Sakr

Lynne (pronounced leen) is the Standing Committee’s resident dance star, she is also responsible for our social media content and organising the International Evening—the biggest event at Alpbach exclusive to scholarship holders. Originally from Lebanon, Lynne grew up in a desert (popularly known as Abu Dhabi), is fluent in French, and now lives in London, where she mostly spends her time eating aubergine-based dishes and studying philosophy, politics, and economics. No matter where you are from, be it the Middle East, Europe, or somewhere else, if you have any needs or questions about the International Evening, Lynne is the person to talk to, she is very approachable, always making others laugh, and a caring soul; as one of her favourite poets, Gibran Khalil Gibran, once said, “your friend is your needs answered”.

Vincent Straub

Vincent (or Vinnie) is Club Alpbach London’s almost British, but actually German, contribution to the Standing Committee. Outside of studying development and political economy, you can find – or rather glimpse – Vinnie on his bicycle rushing through London at a mad pace. This love for punctuality makes him the perfect master of SC event coordination at the Forum, being responsible for the smooth running of workshops, the football tournament, and many more. A lover of the arts and artist himself, he has once exhibited his own artwork at the Tate Modern. However, we wouldn’t trust that much, considering his favourite quote is “Good artists copy, great artists steal” (by himself). To find out whether Vinnie is a good or a great artist, and if you have any questions regarding SC events, just drop him a message.

Julia Sandrini

Julia is a true veteran of the European Forum Alpbach and knows the forum like the back of her hand. Born in South Tyrol, she studied Economics and Political Science in Innsbruck and St. Gallen, which makes her the perfect choice to watch our budget. But she also has an eye on projects to improve the Forum and makes it more diverse  she bursts the bubble. As befits a true South Tyrolean, the mountains are in her blood, so she spends a lot of time climbing all summits in Austria and Italy and also the famous Gratlspitz. After such exhausting trips she often relaxes by watching a Michael Haneke movie. Furthermore, she loves theatre, so she had a cameo role in an Alpbach horror movie. To have enough strength for such a strenuous forum, she prefers “Zwetschkenknödel” (plum dumplings) with lot of “Semmelbrösel” (breadcrumbs). Whenever you have questions, approach her and benefit from her huge Alpbach experience.

Peter Klager

Our quota-technician (biomedical engineering) is responsible for a lot of things – but not for the technical stuff. If Peter is not organizing an event, contacting sponsors, overseeing our budget, or having a Chakaduli at Jakober, you’ll probably find him on the tennis pitch or at Gratlspitz. And if he is not really reacting to what you say, change the topic to “Lord of the Rings” – you’ll notice why. Peter is very good at being where he is not really supposed to be. How did he, the Viennese who studied in his hometown, manage to be part of a Standing Committee of South Tyroleans and Londoners? And how did he manage to be escorted by a helicopter in the Nepalese mountains instead of landing and departing at the most dangerous airport in the world? Spoiler: He would have rather preferred not to be escorted by the helicopter. If you want to know Peter’s answers to these questions or if you have questions concerning sponsoring or budget, get in touch with him.

Valentin Wiesner

Valentin is our token social butterfly. Having spend most of his time in Alpbach at Jakober, his friendly face and sociable personality are known and loved by all. This makes him the perfect secretary and co-chair for this year’s Standing Committee. While balancing a degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics, Valentin still manages to find the time to master the art of frequently engaging in heated arguments about complete nonsense and spending hours of research on the meme culture. Surprisingly, his skill set does not stop there: you can also find Val running around London, skiing down Austrian alps, perfectly rapping to German music, reading History Books and cooking great pasta dishes. Although his cooking technique might suggest otherwise, Val is in fact a great team player. That has been a great asset while being part of the Club Alpbach London’s Board, where he has had extensive experience with organising Alpbach-related matters.
So, whether you are in need of a quick non-versation, want to have fun at Jakober, or need a point of contact for this year’s SC, Valentin is the man for you.

Flora Böwing

Flora is the communication queen of the 2019 Standing Committee. Besides her stunning expertise in economics, political and data science, Flora also has a low-key passion for interior design, always attempting to make her room and flat nice and cosy – with dreamcatchers, Bud Spencer film posters or charming scents of home-cooked meals.
It is hard to fit all-round Flora into categories, but in general she is more of a mountain person than a beach person. You can find her running, hiking and skiing up and down the Austrian Alps, but her fear of seaweed makes her stay out of the ocean. Accordingly, her favourite food is Speckknödel, and not sushi. Flora is incredibly kind, always has a smile on her face, and knows how to play life the right way, which makes her not sweat the petty things, but also not pet the sweaty things.

Luis Widmann

Our head event and timetable coordinator and press spokesperson is Luis. You’ll easily recognize him by Hannah Arendt’s “On revolution” in his pocket, a must have for every brave PhD student of philosophy. Having studied economics as well he is very good at time keeping and coordinating things so don’t worry to tackle him with all your wishes. But every superhero has his kryptonite: When there’s any kind of guitar or grandma’s “Zitronenbraten” around, he might stop caring for your concerns and be occupied for an hour or four. But if you manage to keep him off those two, he will be most willing to help you and probably quote granny’s most frequent line: “Do you want something more?”