Voluntary Clock

There are over 30 independent Clubs in over 20 countries, which were founded by former participants of the Forum. They send about 300 young scholarship holders every year to the Forum Alpbach. All of these clubs and IGs are run by students and young professionals and are acknowledged as associate members of the European Forum Alpbach. Each of the Clubs organizes  its scholarship programme and local activities independently throughout the year.

The effort of everyone involved is on a voluntary basis and highly motivation-driven.

The aim of the voluntary clock is to entail a high visibility for all the voluntary work, young people are doing every year to make the European Forum Alpbach function the way it does.

Judging by the number of hours of non-paid work only during the year, the Clubs equal up to 12 full-time employees which would cost around 250.000 Euros per year (based on the minimum wage of 1500 before taxes).

And the clock doesn’t stop at the beginning of the European Forum Alpbach – it speeds up – see for yourself: